SMTP Services
This service has been born out of 3.5 years in search of a dependable SMTP service provider.It's the outcome of my losses.I had to lose and learn for your GAINS  today.

As long as your contact list is properly built,we will inbox your campaigns for you.We'll provide you an SMTP relay service that you can rely on.

Who Is This Service For?
This service is primarily for 2 groups of email marketers,namely:

 1) Transactional Email Marketers

If your company needs to send bulk newsletters to your staff or customers,this service is for you.

 2) A select few internet marketers who  though send marketing emails, have proven

* Good sending reputation

** Good and responsive optin subscriber lists.

*** Send messages within email marketing good practices

 If you're in any of these two groups and looking for how to deliver your newsletters to your subscribers,click on the button below to join thousands of happy customers.
We'll Offer You
  • Lowest prices in the industry
  • Price plans for every body-small,medium and big companies
  • For the same services,we can't be beaten on prices
high delivery
High Delivery Rates
  • We're friends to the major ISPs
  • We work with them not against them
  • We're Pro-Email Marketing Good Practices
  • We don't tolerate spamming from our servers.
  • Is your contact list valid optins? As long as you've got a good and responsive contact list, your messages will be inbox.
24/7 Support
  • Pretty efficient custom support

  • Our staff enjoy what they do

  • We're not satisfied until we've found a solution to your query

  • We can be reached via Email,Livechat,Skype,Support Ticket

  • Available 24/7

  • Response time 1-3 hours

domain hy
Domain & IP Hygiene
    • 24/7 domain and IPs monitoring

    • Domains and IPs whitelisting

    • Domain and IPs delisting

    • FBL creation

      • We're compartible with all major mail applications
      • Usually,not more than 5-10 minutes integrations once set up is complete
        • We've got servers located all over the world

        • Servers uptime of about 99.99%

        • 24/7 servers monitoring

        • Proactive identification and fixing of issues before they become problems

And Much More . .
Here's How It Works
1) Subscribe today(select a plan from top menu)
2) For Plans A & B-Instant Set Up within 1-3 hours
3) For Plans C and D
       a) Day 1-2 >>>>>>> Your Custom SMTP Server Set Up
       b) Day 3-4 >>>>>>>Your Custom SMTP Configuration
       c) Day 4 >>>>>>>>>Delivery of your custom SMTP unit and ready for use.
Two Price Plans Available
A) Need only SMTP Server? Click here
B) Mail Application + SMTP Relay Service
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